Thursday, April 16, 2015


By Ron Tackket,

Ameircan Legal Experts discussess human rights issues with  Chadema Secretary General, Dr. Wilbrod Slaa.JPG

CHADEMA Secretary General, Dr. Wilbrod Slaa, has held a highly profiled meeting with twelve top lawyers from across the United States. The meeting took place in Bloomington, Indiana at the prestigious Hicks & Spector, L.L.C law firm. The team of experts discussed with Chadema leader, their various Tanzania’s human right violations, particularly those that have been a great concern to the international community.

As the country moves towards the elections, many a times, the losing party, engages in serious human right violations against the population, said Dr. Richard Kruss. A prominent attorney, whose law firm, Ahlers & Cressman PLLC, has pledged to lead the team of legal experts in working with international human right organizations to ensure the perpetrators are made accountable.

Dr. Kruss, further said, that he will ensure to work closely with Amnesty International, Tanzania's Activists, human right organizations, , International Criminal Court, along with Chadema legal experts to profile all major human rights violations in the country. The team of legal experts has also expressed their interest to provide pro bono legal training to Chadema lawyers in the next couple of months.

Justice In Tanzania belongs to the rulers. Ordinary man has no hardly gets due justice .These sorts of injustices must stop. A poor journalist, Daudi Mwangosi’s family needs justice. Doctors Union President, Stephen Ulimboka kidnappers must be brought to books. Arusha Chadema rally killers must pay for their crimes, and very much touched with your compassion towards Tanzania. This is the spirit we, and the world need to live harmoniously, said Dr. Slaa who is currently in the United States visiting various high learning institutions, corporate and government and top officials

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